” Brownie Charles 007″


I am dressed for my undercover case ” case of the missing bone” I am wearing a cashmere coat with soft suede shoes, you have to be in style to get the job done “wink, wink


” Meet Brownie Charles”


My name is Brownie and I live in Connecticut, my favorite hobbies are playing with my teddy bears, licking my “mommy” playing with my soft bouncy ball, running outside in the yard but I prefer being in my warm house, last but not least I love posing for the camera! Nice to meet you!



“Soul Searching, silent, stirs of words unspoken, stare, probably dared taken chances, seen crystal clean, my place in this world, thrilled poetry, music, beats, life past, present, fortold “whispers” shoooooooo na just follow it “will soon unfold”

“Old West–ern”

“Changing the way I think its important to me
even if it takes a lifetime laws dictate how I am to breath
years before I played, laugh, no electronics to keep me in an invisible world….
had real friends sometimes we got hurt, bandaid walk it off enough said done.
 Today so many worries no more games to play…
virtual parents, sisters family “Sims” life all day
luckly I can remember what life was to me..
it wasn’t a make believe, today exist to be!”


I suffer, cry

 Sometimes wanting to surrender, head to my tombstone, and die.

No one understands my wounds. Or what I went through

 Saw and felt, doesn’t anyone see silently, I crave help

Staring at me, assuming I am crazy, Close your eyes and visualize 

Millions of Americans Soldiers, civilians worldwide, can testify

“December Mourning”

“Words can’t describe the pain inside
family ain’t here,
god do you here my cries?
House is silent

no more sunshine or moons gleam
Instead of waking up from a nigtmarish dream
Visiting my childs, mom,dad, teachers grave

Hope is all I can do
trying to climb up from my desperate gloomy day
night comes again
wishing I lay

instead beat myself out this hazy daze.
Lord help me, help me get over this.
“December 14 , tragic mist” one day!


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