Save that child, before its too late

Woke up today sense….. at peace
Just yesterday hopeless laughed at, taunted…
.tortured everyday…….endless…. gauntlet,
crying….revolting….slowly. ….expiring
Flowers……dead……blood flow….no oxygen…dying

momma dad sorry for these words… last….
Can’t take it………pain…insane…can’t do anything right….waking up….day is forever…..night..
Wish you well…..publishe… tell….help. that kid….who can be reliving….my bullying hell!

stop the bullies, save the children

Woke up today sense….. at peace
Just yesterday hopeless laughed at, taunted…
.tortured everyday…….endless…. gauntlet,
crying….revolting….slowly. ….expiring

My love for Poetry, Maya Angelo response

Taking aback atrocity
youths of today, so much penned up animosity

When did it go?
Strength, power speaking up for the truth
Maya Angelou I know why does the bird cage sings

To be heard, actions verb, breathe taking, mind, spirit, one soul
Children of today are complacent boxed in a whirlwind tunnel, cant escape

Crashing, thrashing, floors, non-lit caves, overwhelmed with rage
Overcome with oceans wave,

I see their struggles to stand up tall fight for your rights, voice, no high pitch cant express, slipping and falling need a hand, shoulder to rest.

Be free, need help learn from me, take that phone toss it away, computer go outside and play get out the car use those strong, legs and arm Throw far

My advice to you all, mentor those who are less fortunate then us
Ghetto children, rich suburban dons, those who lived in poverty, rich to taste in the finest lifes cuisine

That Generation X-Y-Zyou are to lean, save, hold their hand, children of today need a direction to guide our government off this Misery take a stance!

“Hear me, slavery of society”

 Day light comes to my realization Chains are dragging and sitting down “contemplation” Proclaiming we are free is it all mentality?
Walking past a crowds Protesting , something, somewhere is to be found
Still I greet, walking like a fast breeze … Do , would, should, could they see “me”  greet?
Outside in, figuring it about isn’t anyone taking a time out? Dressing light, dark color of pastels, State publicly on earth is it a “foreshadowing hell”?

” You left, pick up the pieces”

Verse: Heart broken, Advantage of me was taken Now your face is appearing
I feel like breaking Breath, seize crackling a smile….. this   day F—you That life style aint S—- anyways, hope you are in pain souls is cracked the same
… chorus: You left gonna do me, gonna be out Not gonna smoke not gonna drink not gonna call you it’s the end
Verse 2: self esteem “ Me” captured again Good feeling even if we aint even……..  talking  face-booking friends. Erased  never taste, you will never get dis  body again Trust , regrets none, helped me grow, molded in tough skin Relationships like you never need, later ……………about to sin!!!

‘ Making it through, society unbroken rules”

Trying to move up knocked down one, too many times ….
Ever  give up Never in this life’s changing signs Put yourself in my shoes give in or out to society lo—sers?
Love oneself Envious ones , choose It ain’t them,him,her  definitely “YOU”
“I said it and  what, handcuff,taped pined down, “SHUT ME UP”?
… “ 5-10, 12-8 am alarm clock stuck “USED BRAIN ”Woke up coffee in hand notebook note taking better understand Diagram every move, so cheaters can’t paruse, Cruise, SNOOZE , WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT “LUCKY WINNER…IAM ……U…………. LOSE”
: keep moving on and never give up on anything just do you”

” Rainbow Love, my choice”

I fell in love with her and she with me
  once again dictated by society
Love is beautiful
sweet with whomever you heart sets
   makes it skip beats
… I am “Me” she is “We”
loving once in a lifetime
girls considered “lesbianism, gay, Homosexuality”
Whatever that label its ok my self esteem intact
  go home continue to hate
don’t matter opinions from your mouth in your room can stay
disgrace, taunt, bullet with my name
taking in strive continue to love in this game of PAIN

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