My love for Poetry, Maya Angelo response



What I would do in telling the truth
wake up go to that line tell them everything is fine
what I would do express my name clear it now or forever ashamed

longest road ever  took 
 now I sit here like a  broken bird, toad that doesn’t croak
Sadness overcame tears like cascade waterfalls 
 eternally rained

Regain momentum again
limits un-test, chains untied
 truth be told no more lies!Image


I am sad so depressed job market is such a stress
tried to get up fail to see I am not the only one my neighbor, next person not only me.

Please, please help me my kids need some type of stability
didn’t have the many opportunities came from within these walls, others outside trying to make it from just a crawl

drowning in cries, willing to sacrifice my dignity and pride
Older I need some belief
Are you listening to my pleas?Image



Special Olympian

When you look towards me
what do you see?

Is it a person or a monstrosity
Eyes slightly different, smile sadly
Arms small, legs run farther to reach
Not true happy , passionately

Characters I don’t judge
beauty boundless endlessly
momma and daddy regardless
of my impairments
always believed in “succeed”

Friends are  everyone
even if their grossly, grotesquely mean
God is my guide grandma sang , praised took me

” those people just need a shoulder to lean”


Vivid dreams, early age
remember times, months, days
Mama always said “sazon” spice of”Souls ……Brave”
staying astray ,tried to deny,  “WHO ,AM I,”?

endingly embraced “IDENTITY”
Americanized, propelled, Loans, car, house  studied harder to excel from this jail “POVERTY, TEEN PREGNACY, DROP OUT ALL AROUND ME”
forgetting never, ME, ME “boriquita Nina”.
Feeling alive traditons jolly, singing in “GLEE”
Pernil, arroz, not to mention RICE -BEANS”

Save that child, before its too late

Woke up today sense….. at peace
Just yesterday hopeless laughed at, taunted…
.tortured everyday…….endless…. gauntlet,
crying….revolting….slowly. ….expiring
Flowers……dead……blood flow….no oxygen…dying

momma dad sorry for these words… last….
Can’t take it………pain…insane…can’t do anything right….waking up….day is forever…..night..
Wish you well…..publishe… tell….help. that kid….who can be reliving….my bullying hell!

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Leading  nowhere…

I feel like retaliating heartless, cold as can be

Mighty powers uncontrolled by so many

1% percent only “ME” “YOU”


Continuing  affect, betting no this is a fact,

Tell me are you feeling frost,?

crying children, Umm hard to grasp?


 Starvation, stoic demeanor, Hurting attitude,

 broken record you echoed,“Open the shades in the day


 it will warm your home down your toes up your brain

Disgusting, revolting, the “dark ages lost chapters


” repulsive, Leader, negative to get my vote

 cheater con artist, We should have stayed with the old regime,


No barter, non playing   “mano- politically”

 it’s so true , all the invidividuals running for office,

 It’s for their benefit  isn’t  a “You”

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