I been in a place different
Something you never, ever saw nor seen
It’s a world like no other
Dusty, fine not pristine
Green, brown, white, dark blue suitors, sisters and brothers
… serve and protecting one another
World away working, to make and save someone’s day.
We were there for a common aspiration
I met some interesting individuals
Languages I have so far ever heard in any situation
Laughing at a joke, and praying at night,

sometimes crying to contemplate bye
that letter to seek hope is something good and not a divorce decree
mortgage note, or love ones not here anymore deeply asleep

 waiting hope to see a brighter sun,

a perfect place going home one of these days.


Dust bowling

I survived a hail storm

Scared to the limits

Nothing bothered me

I took it like a strong able bodied, chilling

Never to seek, destroy

This isn’t a joke

Maybe a ploy

you see

My eyes are stern

Time is to blame

Zooming rapid pass my grim face

I just keep walking , in this darn forsaken place

Dust falls like a snow storm

it doesn’t shake

My bones hurt

My mind is to be erased

Never to talk about this hot, cold, melancholic daze.


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