“POEM, Lil Girl Lost”

Looking back a little girl was me
Tried to find herself, identity
Couldn’t make sense out,
no justice she felt everyone picking on me, elementary
Many of times she fell, never a frown or a yel-p
Fast – forward
High school was not a breeze
Instead hellish, animosity
Graffiti wall lil girl saw, realizing she was her only friend,
out of help, reach
The lord in the clouds peek instead he lashed out and
a lesson to be dealt, out
He didn’t lift a hand let her fall in sudden, inquisitive doubt.
Life’s acquired voice now can be rejoiced
Lil girl lost no more, on and one, brilliant, found


‎”I sometimes feel iam living in a box Waking up,  sonic alarmed clock Worries creep sometimes no food,shelter family can’t sleep. Living, pray making each n every day……hard work,  worth the pain……marching. talkn words comfort….   Takn a stand, still. Humble….”!


‎”Dear teacher, you taught me to lead, honesty Right from wrong, more than my A,B,C’s 1,2, 33’s Obstacles came cried,
held me before distortion, insane Alright. Cut severly burned 3rd degree.
Angel of light has saved me,
teacher I extend my arms to you older n gray still praise,
grown up. Bow let us PRAY  “1”


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